Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nature Boy (for solo guitar)

This is my classical/jazz guitar arrangement of the haunting jazz ballad 'Nature Boy'. Put on a pair of quality wrap-around earphones and  click the orange button below:

If you would like a pdf copy of the sheet music, you can contact me at
and I'll zap you a copy. Notation only... sorry no TAB. This is all about "singing" a heartfelt melody, so it may help to internally hear the lyrics as you play. Apply rubato liberally to make it sing and hopefully bring a tear to your audience's eyes.
Here's a sample:

I do these arrangements as a retirement hobby. If you are performing it, allow the ebb and flow of the lyrics to shape your phrasing and dynamics rather than trying to be strictly metrical. There are times to believe in barlines, but this is not one of them. Expressive rubato is the key.

There are more of my arrangements in the sidebar -->

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