Thursday, 23 September 2010

Diverse Variations on "Happy Birthday". Don't send 'em soppy e-cards, send this mp3 instead

 Ever need to email someone a fun-quirky (but tastefully arty and not crass) birthday greeting?

Here's your uber-cool solution. I have concocted a short set of variations on (you guessed it)  'Happy Birthday' ...and it's, like, free.
Why not try it out now? Connect your device to a decent sound system or enclosed headphones and click on the orange PLAY button:

Alternatively, you could listen to the music at its URL:
 It's a quartet for flute, oboe, bassoon and a part-time percussionist). You can download a free copy in mp3 format, in a file-size that's easy to email. Whenever one of your friends has a birthday, forward them a copy with my compliments. Guaranteed low in carbs. Bingo.
QUIZ: One of the variations features an embedded version of a signature Beatles song. Ten marks if you can name it.
I doubt anyone but the true dilletante will want a score, so there is no link for that. I could easily make one if requested, though, and hey, I'd probably feel sorta flattered :-)

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